At Steele Group Architects, we define our philosophy as “Design for Life,” an approach that embraces life-affirming, socially responsible architecture.
This means:

  • We believe a building should add satisfaction to the lives of the people who live and work in it.
  • We believe in designing a building from the perspective of its users.
  • We believe a building’s exterior must attract people because of its beauty and the promise of what’s inside; and the interior must provide an aesthetic environment that is familiar and comfortable to the senses.
  • We believe the experience of interacting with a building, both outside and within, must cultivate the desire to return to it day after day.

Another aspect of our philosophy involves the projects we choose.
We primarily (though not exclusively) work on projects that meet the needs of the community, or of specific groups within the community.
This includes:

  • Projects that involve people in transition, such as those moving into Senior Living communities or Multifamily Housing.
  • Projects that serve the public good, such as a library or police station.
Finally, we believe that good architecture must be practical to build, finance, and maintain.
This means:

  • Every building has an obligation to benefit the environment in which it resides by being sustainable and green.
  • Buildings should fit organically into their surroundings, enhancing the neighborhood or landscape they occupy.
  • We are stewards of our client’s resources and budget.
At the heart of our Design for Life philosophy are our firm’s Core Values:

  • We Are Committed To Excellence And Creativity
  • We Do The Right Thing
  • We Are Trustworthy, Sincere, Respectful
  • We Exhibit Professionalism
  • We Promote Individual Initiative But Succeed Through Teamwork