Our Process

When you partner with Steele Group Architects, you find that we work in a very collaborative and distinctive way. Our process stems from who we are and how we like to interact with clients:

  • We are a small firm – intentionally. Our size allows us to be more adaptable, flexible, and react quickly because we are not hampered by a cumbersome management structure.
    This also means we operate “leaner” than our competition, allowing us to pass our savings along to our clients.
  • One of the firm’s principals leads every project, and is involved “hands on” from start to finish.
    For this reason we do not take on more projects than we can accomplish with excellence, so your project is not “one of many.”
    This allows us to give our full attention and creativity to each project.
  • We choose the best consulting engineers to include on each project design team.
    We are not obligated to use in-house engineers who may not be the best choice for the team.
  • We listen to what you have to say, and then use our experience and creativity to develop the best possible solution to meet your specific needs.
  • We dive deep into each project, finding not just the basics but also the nuances, so that we can truly meet the needs of the end user.
    The best example of this is our Sleepover Study, conducted to help us better understand the needs of our Senior Living Clients. Scroll down for details.

Steele Group Architects Sleepover Study

To better understand the lives of the residents and staff in the Senior Living communities that we serve, four members of our firm spent a total of six nights in five separate communities.
This allowed those who help create these communities to experience for themselves what it is like to be there, to be in the situations the residents face every day, and to understand that the buildings they design are for people with very specific needs and problems. Having done this exercise, our architects are more empathetic and knowledgeable about the issues faced by both staff and residents, and this informs the designs and the solutions we develop for these communities.

The culmination of this experience was a presentation in May of 2011 at the LeadingAge NC conference in Asheville, NC titled, “A Mile in Their Shoes.”