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SGA Blog June 2015

Project Update – Central Library, June 2015

The Forsyth County Central Library project is coming along nicely and is right on schedule. As of June 5, we have the following updates to report:

  • The Construction Documents for the library have passed the 50% stage. We have completed both a preliminary and full review by the Community Appearance Commission. The building design received approval with the members stating informally that they were excited about the project and that it could not get built fast enough in their opinion.
  • With the media and salvageable furnishings removed, the construction team has done some selective demolition to help the design team fully understand the existing conditions of the building, which will better inform the Construction Documents. As a result, the Construction Documents will be at the 95% complete stage by the end of June.
  • The Construction Manager, Frank L Blum Construction, has just issued documents for bidding on the Interior Demolition and Abatement of the building. They are in the process of doing a constructability review of the documents to give the design team feedback.
  • Currently the building is in the County’s possession. Demolition is scheduled to start soon after bidding for the work is complete. Once this happens the building will then be under the control of the Construction Manager.
  • Main Construction is scheduled to start in early Fall 2015.

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